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We live in a mobile-first
world ruled by apps.

Worldwide, 77% of all online time is spent on mobile devices.
87% of this time is spent in apps.

You have a great mobile-friendly website
in Magento or Shopify for your ecommerce

But it still isn’t enough. Why?

Better conversion
rate in ecommerce
mobile app

People will view your products and content  4.2x more on an e-commerce app than on a website,  even if your site provides the best possible user experience.

Ecommerce mobile
apps just perform better

Global shopping cart abandonment rates are up to 97% on mobile websites. Ecommerce applications solve this problem by simply saving user data and providing in-app payments.

Customer retention
in Magento or Shopify
ecommerce is crucial

40.4% of all users buy more of a brand’s goods after downloading its e-commerce app. Mobile websites barely retain 40% of all visitors past the first few seconds.

Traditional ecommerce application
development process is long and expensive.

Until now. Discover Appifee.

ecommerce app development ready in 14 days

Keep your technology open for the future ecommerce development

Test your idea risk-free and make adjustments in your future ecommerce mobile app quickly and easily

New marketing channel through push notifications thanks to ecommerce application development

Key features

Push notifications

Location based services

Native user experience

Easily add completely new custom features

Integrate your web based features with native Android & iOS ones

Publishable in Apple App Store and Google Play

How it works

Appifee is an ecommerce application development company
which allows you to make technology choices as you go.

Appifee consists of two components:

  • 1

    Web view component that displays your content built using web technologies

  • 2

    Native component that offers great features using native Android and iOS technologies.

And the connector which allows the two parts to seamlessly interact.

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— vs alternatives

  • Initial Investment
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Commitment
  • Time To Market
  • Flexibility
  • Way out
  • Native App Development
  • High
  • High
  • Jump off a cliff
  • Months
  • High
  • Abort & start over
  • PWA
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • No easy way out
  • Weeks to months
  • Medium to none
  • Abort & start over
  • Cross-platform Framework
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • Jump off a cliff
  • Weeks to months
  • Medium to none
  • Abort & start over
  • Low
  • Low – pay per real users
  • Go further as you please
  • 2 weeks
  • High
  • No need – all option open

Your app grows with you, with no limits

“Appifee has the same architecture we use to power native mobile banking apps used by millions of people. What’s more, it even powers the Best Mobile Banking App in the World”

Maciej Stępień
CEO at Neontri

Use case

Perfect blend between your
website and future mobile app:
Aion Bank

Aion is an innovative startup bank from Belgium. Our main challenge was to launch the project fast and effectively by reusing parts of their internet banking service and creating a brand new mobile banking app.

Thanks to Neontri’s technology they quickly deployed a mobile banking app which seamlessly blends native and web based features to ensure a great user experience.

Check out our idea on the onboarding process which connects web and mobile communication.

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We are Neontri

  • We are a leading European tech company building innovative mobile solutions.
  • We are ecommerce mobile app development company.
  • We created the IKO mobile application, twice recognized by Retail Banker International as the #1 mobile banking app in the world.
  • We are behind the success of the Polish national mobile payment standard BLIK, which has transformed the face of Polish banking.


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